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We searchers…..

“I am one of the searchers. There are, I believe, millions of us. We are not unhappy, but neither are we really content. We continue to explore life, hoping to uncover its ultimate secret. We continue to explore ourselves, hoping to understand. We like to walk along the beach, we are drawn by the ocean, taken by its power, its unceasing motion, its mystery and unspeakable beauty. We like forests and mountains,, deserts and hidden rivers, and the lonely cities as well. Our sadness is as much a part of our lives as is our laughter. To share our sadness with one we love is perhaps as great a joy as we can know – unless it be to share our laughter. 
We searchers are ambitious only for life itself, for everything beautiful it can provide. Most of all we love and want to be loved. We want to live in a relationship that will not impede our wandering, nor prevent our search, nor lock us in prison walls; that will take us for what little we have to give. We do not want to prove ourselves to another or compete for love.

For wanderers, dreamers, and lovers, for lonely men and women who dare to ask of life everything good and beautiful. It is for those who are too gentle to live among wolves.” 
― James KavanaughThere Are Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves


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Going somewhere…….

“Everything is flowing — going somewhere, animals and so- called lifeless rocks as well as water. Thus the snow flows fast or slow in grand beauty-making glaciers and avalanches; the air in majestic floods carrying minerals, plant leaves, seeds, spores, with streams of music and fragrance; water streams carrying rocks… While the stars go streaming through space pulsed on and on forever like blood…….

in Nature’s warm heart.”

~John Muir


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From tiny seeds……

A giant redwood stood
from tiny seeds it has grown tall
it will become old
~Westly Alexander Shaw, USA


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Fight Club…Haiku…..

“Worker bees can leave.
Even drones can fly away.
The Queen is their slave.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club


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There is a stillness…….

“Within you… there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” ~Hermann Hesse


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Our deepest wishes…

“Our deepest wishes are whispers of our authentic selves. We must learn to respect them. We must learn to listen.” ~Sarah Ban Breathnach


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Truths and Roses…….

“Truths and Roses…..have thorns about them…”

 ~Henry David Thoreau


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