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Swimming with Miss Daisy….

Summer has finally arrived in Kirkland….as is marked…. by Miss Daisy taking her first dip of the season…. into Lake Washington……

HEY…what’s the hold up….it’s been a long..winter…I am ready …Let’s do this!!

Miss Daisy…may be a little on the “chubby” side…but she glides through the water…like a Lab….to retrieve her favorite water toy.

Smiling all the way!!! THE END


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400 years of shade

“Of all man’s works of art, a cathedral is greatest. A vast and majestic tree is greater than that.”
–  Henry Ward Beecher  


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A walk through Kirkland

A walk through Kirkland

A view of Lake Washington from downtown Kirkland, Marina Park

Kirkland sits on the shores of Lake Washington, just across the 520 floating bridge, 10 minutes east of downtown Seattle….With a population 48,787…it is packed, to overflowing with Charm, Beauty and Artistic Expression!  These photographs are but a small sample of the thousands of reasons this “Little City” is visited and loved by so many.

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