Cannon Beach… Birthday Surprises, Creativity, Jazz and my Three Legged Buddy!

16 May
Cannon Beach… Birthday Surprises, Creativity, Jazz and my Three Legged Buddy!

An “artist license” for an unfinished version…..or….perhaps it is.. finished…

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This trip, planned well in advance ….to coincide with the celebration of my Birthday on May 4th…and also, HOPING… to photograph and celebrate the “Super Moon” on May 5th, 2012.  

I packed my car to the brim, with most of my favorite things…My three-legged pooch, Kai, Booty the stuffed Bunny, (he enjoys going on photo shoots) my three cameras and equipment, art supplies, writing material, reading material, music, electronics (Kindle/I-pod/Laptop) and of course… rain/wind gear.

Not much room left….for taking anything else….


We set off (me, the pooch and Booty) headed out, for the beach house and what would prove to be….. the BEST Birthday Vacation EVER!

Beginning…. with a very special SURPRISE from my San Francisco Heart Throb!  Which, after several missteps of wrong address, NO residential delivery in Cannon Beach…AND…… an overnight mailing cost of $61.25…my “Surprise Birthday Gift” was delivered to the beach house….by the absolutely wonderful and thoughtful staff at CBPM shortly, after I arrived….

The large mailing box, held not one, but TWO, beautifully gift wrapped boxes…

Ahhh here’s the first to be opened…

The first gift I opened, the night I arrived and it contained the remarkable and yummy fragrance of “Fresh” bath oils, gels and perfume… be enjoyed each and every night/day of my stay! Need I tell you….this gift…. was a MAJOR HOME-RUN!

The second gorgeous gift box was not opened until….12:01AM on my actual Birth Date….I can only start by saying….This…. was a box filled with MAGIC!!

Booty…stands guard…over the gift to be opened at mid-night on the 4th…

The second gift….this entire gift box was overflowing, with BEAUTIFUL..BEAUTIFUL……Birthday Cards.  There was a card…. for each year I’ve celebrated Birthdays.  (that, I might add.. is A WHOLE LOT of cards!!)


Each of these beautiful cards; decorated with handwritten notes, quotes, drawings, NO TWO ALIKE…. all exquisite!  

All the while, this patient man…. sat on the San Francisco end of the phone…. attentively ….. listening….eh hum…..(except when he fell asleep)….. as I opened and (jerkily) read each card….  

Thank you LTD….for the absolute BEST … most remarkable and memorable Happy Birthday…gifts ever! 

In the coming days…an art project I have been thinking about for a very long time, started a CREATIVE STREAK…which seemed to grow with each passing day..and below are two of the results …”Gwendolyn and Greta”.

“Gwendolyn” was the first artistic spark, during my Birthday week celebration in what , I hope, will now become part of a series. 

“Greta” was the second creative spark….and with each of these…I fell madly in love with the style and colors these beautiful girls inspire!

During the creation of both Gwendolyn and Greta….I constantly listened to Jazz….I sang… I danced…..I ate everything that my little “Birthday Heart” desired…..I had no internet connection, no cell service….just the music, the art, the food, the sunsets, the photography, the beach and Kai…..and of course “Booty” the stuffed bunny!

And then… there is the photography….the beauty…the peace….the magnificence of Cannon Beach…with it’s many glorious moods…

This photograph was taken on my Birthday May 4, it was a cold drizzly day and I drove up to Ecola State Park….I must have taken 50 photo’s and was not satisfied that I had even one decent shot…..then I uploaded…..How nice!

For me, the Pacific Northwest has a never ending cornucopia of dramatic cloud formations….therefore…I am constantly standing with my mouth gaping open!

Haystack Rock looks very small from here….the wisps of clouds coming over the hillsides..look like the smoke from little forest fires.


The spirit of Lex

“Lex was here in Spirit”….sigh




The next day…the clouds cleared…”Booty” sits quietly pondering the mysteries of life while the three-legged buddy is off peeing on stuff…

Catching the last rays of sun…before we head inside and “Booty” goes back on his shelf….standing vigil during the night.

THIS was the night of the “SUPER MOON”….the skies were clear…moon rise was scheduled for sometime around 8:15 PM….The unfortunate thing for me…is…. I had forgotten the moon rises in the EAST…and there are some really tall hills EAST of Cannon Beach….I MISSED the SUPER MOON…well, not really…but by the time it topped the hills…the only view I had was through some power lines and quite frankly…I was tired…and didn’t want to stay up and wait any longer…but…it was spectacular!!

The next day…hardly a cloud in sight….somehow, I was surprised to know that Haystack Rock…at least, on the North side….has a very green top….who knew??

As evening sets in the clouds from the Pacific are moving closer….what a magical place…..I just never want to leave!

Approximately the same spot…just a bit later…

And so…we take one.. parting shot….as we head back for home…with memories of a lifetime!

The three-legged buddy is packed up and ready to head back to Seattle…where he will have surgery to repair his torn ligament..This was the only still shot I have of him on this trip…cause he was always off….busy… peeing on stuff…


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4 responses to “Cannon Beach… Birthday Surprises, Creativity, Jazz and my Three Legged Buddy!

  1. kaliber411

    June 10, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    You are my hero! Beautiful…not just this set but I love landscape photography and your pictures are so clear and beautiful. They give me such a peaceful feeling!

  2. orples

    June 3, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    LOL, I’m thrilled you had a wonderful birthday. And I’m also glad it doesn’t take four legs to pee on stuff, otherwise your little little buddy would be up the creek in need of an extra paw, it seems. Your humor is marvelous. 🙂 Thanks for the grins.

    • Kirsten Dinesen

      June 3, 2012 at 2:43 pm

      Thank you Marcy…My little buddy has become a THREE-LEGGED PRO at peeing on stuff … was indeed a MAGICAL birthday week….

      Hope you and the Orples are enjoying this fine Saturday!

      • orples

        June 3, 2012 at 2:51 pm

        Thank you, Kirsten. It is Sunday here, now. And it is a 10 on the Richter scale of beautiful days. Low humidity, and temps in the 70’s, with sparse cloud coverage. We’ve even had a little breeze to boot, so I’ve been wandering in and out all day. Very relaxing, indeed. The orples are upset with me at the moment for leaving them out of my last couple of posts. I think I need to remedy that situation. 😉 Enjoy this fine evening! 🙂


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